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Shroom Chocolate Bars are rich in potency, and they contain four grams of magical volume. Within 20-30 minutes after eating, you’ll feel the effects of time and space confusion, stunning and clear colors, visual confusion an euphoric experience, a mystical feeling and joy.

polka dot shroom bar

polka dot shroom bar from Polkadot are not just tasty, but also strong. The effects these bars produce are exactly like those from other chocolate mushroom bars.The Polkadot chocolate bars are among the top on the market today. They have the award-winning Belgian chocolate bar to help you make it through the day, and to make it that little bit more sweeter. 


The polkadotchocolate bar is similar to four grams Psilocybin and Psilocin made from Psychedelic Mushrooms. They’ve been created to provide you with the full-on feeling of consuming a selection of chocolates but without the stomach-turn or the mushroom taste. Each bar is packaged in a separate wrapper, so it is possible to eat in a single bite. Because they are gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan, they make the perfect healthy snack that doesn’t make you feel guilty for eating something sweet. This product is now on sale at an affordable price there is no need to go anywhere else to find the psychedelic mushrooms that your requirements!”


polka dot shroom bar


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polka dot shroom bar


The Polkadot is a top food experience. This gorgeous golden mushroom has been created by our pastry chefs. It will give you the perfect dose of wonder. We are the no. 1 producers and suppliers of polkadotshroomschocolate barsall over the World. Our products are of the highest quality since every step of the process from extraction to packing is awe-inspiring. It doesn’t matter if make smoothies using the powder and adding it to other recipes, or eating it as a raw food it’s great with everything, and we’ve got only the finest products to help you start your day with Polkadots.


Polkadot Mushroom For Sale


Polkadotchocolate bar is the top-selling attraction in the market, along with other types of psychedelics that are utilized recreationally and for medicinal purposes. The principal ingredient of our bar is psilocybin, which is a psychoactive ingredient that is found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. Our unique manufacturing method allows for the highest bioavailability of the psychoactive compounds by allowing them to dissolve in water. They are then dissolved into a solution prior to adding cacao butter organic and slowly evaporated using the help of a heat pump.


Polkadot Magic Chocolate Bar


Polkadot magic is the most popular magic mushrooms on the market, created by the polkadot. This 2 inch bar is constructed from 63 percent cocoa dark chocolate to intensify the taste of our famous cacao. Gluten-free and free of caffeine and full of the psilocybin!. Our polkadot chocolate bar is created with care of au Belgian chocolate. We have the largest variety of psilocybe that are carefully selected and grown from dung. The result is a stunning magic mushroom.BARS FOR POLKADOTMUSHROOMS


PolkaDotMushroom bar, also known as PolkaDotChocolate you get through your day or turn it into an adventure, depending on the way you decide to treat yourself. Dapple mushroom Belgian chocolate.


Couverture isn’t just delicious and delicious, it’s also the source for 4g to Psilocybin and Psilocin from the store.


Apart from the full filled high of eating numerous chocolates, these are great for those who are fans of microdosing because the chocolate masks the fungi flavour and you can eat one forecourt at a.


In stores now .Each barcon contains 15 fragile pieces. polkafleck mushroom


Polkadot mushroom – Polkadot mushroom bar


PolkaDotMushroom BarsBrand Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Belgian Chocolate Bars are high potency and come with four grams of magical volume. After 20-30 minutes of eating, you’ll feel disorientation and confusion in time gorgeous and clear shades, shifting visuals the euphoria, mystical sensation and awe. The incredible taste of the many varieties of Belgian chocolate is perfect for anyone’s preference. Psilocybin or the magic voice offers numerous health advantages. It can be used to treat depression and PTSD as well as combat addictions that include drinking, smoking, and alcohol. Purchase PolkaDotMushroom Barsonline.


polka dot shroom bar


Polkadot mushroom chocolate – Polkadot mushroom chocolate bars


With two flavors to drink, you will indulge your palate in the most effective way. Chocolate lovers will love it is available in milk chocolate. Shroombaris made available with milk chocolate, while a different option is for chocolate-lovers who prefer Dark Chocolate versions of the shroombar.Psilocybin provides you with a wide range of advantages, including mood altering effects. It can provide the sensation of emphoria giving you a feeling of being high and unfocused. This sensation helps to relieve your mind and relieves stress. It also soothes your body and mind. It can bring you to a deep sleep. Additionally, minor pain can be dealt by using the chocolate bars.


Each bar of mushrooms contains 8 pieces of chocolat that have an approximate weight of 375 mg per bar. A proper weight lets you eat precisely the right amount of psilocybin in the form of chocolate.




polka dot shroom bar


PolkaDotChocolate bars aren’t just delicious, but they are also extremely sturdy. The impact of these bars is identical to that of other chocolate mushrooms.


Polkadotcandy bars are among the top available right today. They have an award-winning bar of Belgian chocolate, you can start your day, and to give it a bit more sweetness.


The PolkaDotbars are equivalent to 4 grams of Psilocybin and Psilocin derived from psychedelic Mushrooms.


They are made to give you the maximum benefits of eating a huge quantity of chocolate without stomach upset or the mushroom aftertaste.


Each bar is wrapped in a different wrapper to allow you to consume them all at once.






Purchase legal psychedelic mushrooms chocolate bars at our online store. You can buy them safely on our site because we are a registered store and possess a valid and certified USDA Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar.




The incredible taste of the many varieties from Belgian chocolate is perfect for anyone’s taste. your preferences. Psilocybin or the magic voice offers numerous health advantages.




Effects of the psychedelic mushrooms chocolate bars are generally like those of LSD. They may cause altered perceptions of time and space as well as dramatic shifts in mood and sensation.


Other effects that psilocybin may cause are:




derealization, or feeling that your surroundings do not exist


Drowsiness and sleepiness and


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